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Residential treatment provides an effective solution to drug and alcohol addiction. Peake Recovery offers 

comprehensive help in a unique long-term treatment setting.We offer 60 to 120 day long-term 

residential experiences for individuals who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Treatment is built 

on solid recovery principles and includes significant involvement in the local recovering community.


Please be sure to read the Rules & Regulations before submitting and Application.


Please Fax or E-Mail completed application to Peake Recovery.

Fax: 586.755.8092



Two Residential Settings



Both residential sites offer group therapy, individual therapy and case management by skilled professionals, along with education and recreation. Each facility provides art and work therapy, and specialized family services to assist with improving basic family relationships. Peake Recovery is committed to meeting residents’ unique needs and works to provide specialized treatment for each individual.


Qualified Clinical Staff

Peake Recovery staff combine experience and professional credentials. Our clinical staff have masters degrees in social work or counseling. 


Strong Treatment Models

Treatment plans combine evidence-based approaches including 12 Step Facilitation, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Group Therapy.


Strong Aftercare

Living in community with recovering individuals offers residents a chance to build healthy relationships and practice cooperation. Before completing treatment, our residents secure employment and housing and join our six-month aftercare program.


Strong Aftercare

Living in community with recovering individuals offers residents a chance to build healthy relationships and practice cooperation. Before completing treatment, our residents secure employment and housing and join our six-month aftercare program.


Importance of Community

One of our primary goals is to assist residents in finding a place within the recovering community. We work hard to help them develop a foundation in local 12 step groups and to build meaningful relationships with others in recovery.


Long-Term Success

Peake Recovery residential programs produce results. We measure short- and long-term client success, client satisfaction and other outcomes. We are constantly using evaluative measurements to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.



Schedule a tour

We’ll be happy to arrange a tour of our facility that you are considering. We will arrange for you to meet 

with one of our staff and usually with a current client who can offer their perspective on their 

experience with us.


Are you trying to help a loved one or client get admitted?

We routinely work with family members, professional helpers and criminal justice systems to facilitate 

admissions. However, federal confidentiality laws require that we have the written consent of the 

prospective client to discuss details of their status in the admission process. A general consent form for 

our records and for the criminal justice system can be provided.



About Our Length of Stay

Our length of stay is typically 90 to 120 days. All applicants should plan on participating in Peake 

Recovery program for a minimum of 60 days. We’re often asked why we don’t offer a shorter program. 

A July 5, 2007 Time magazine article summarizes our reason very well:



One important discovery: evidence is building to support the 90-day rehabilitation model, which was stumbled upon 

by AA (new members are advised to attend a meeting a day for the first 90 days) and is the duration of a typical stint 

in a drug-treatment program. It turns out that this is just about how long it takes for the brain to reset itself and shake off the immediate influence of a drug. Researchers at Yale University have documented what they call the 

sleeper effect–a gradual re-engaging of proper decision making and analytical functions in the brain’s prefrontal 

cortex–after an addict has abstained for at least 90 days.



What to bring to residential treatment?

This list is meant to tell you what you can bring, not what you must bring. If you do not have some of 

these items, don’t worry.

  • 7 pair of relaxed fit or loose-fitting jeans, pants or sweats.

  • 7 shirts, not portraying alcohol, cigarette or “streetsy” images.

  • 2 loose-fitting sweatshirts or sweaters.

  • Underwear and socks.

  • One robe and one set of pajamas.

  • 2 pair of thermal underwear, appropriate to the season.

  • One pair of “inside” shoes, one pair work boots, one pair of slippers and shower slippers.

  • One coat appropriate to the season.

  • Personal items/toiletries: 

    • lotion

    • solid deodorant

    • toothpaste & toothbrush

    • bar soap

    • comb and/or brush

    • electric shaver or razors/shaving cream

    • shampoo

    • nail clippers

    • wash cloths and towels

  • Bring all current medications, picture I.D. and your social security card.

  • You can bring one carton of cigarettes and $50.00 cash. (All basic needs are provided. You do not need any money.)




  • Cell phones or pagers

  • Laptops, ipods or mp3 players

  • Any health products containing alcohol (hand sanitizer, cologne, aftershave, hairspray, hair gel or astring









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